Lillian Axe performs "Deepfreeze" live at the Paragon Casino 4th of July Show.




Steve demonstrates the new Peavey Vypyr VIP!



To our Baltimore fans,
Lillian Axe makes a long awaited return to Baltimore, MD on Saturday, June 29. We will be rocking the stage with Jetboy and special guests. Tickets are on sale right now - Click here to buy now

Tickets are $20 for regular admission and $35 for a VIP admission which includes a ticket to the show, limited edition poster and special pre-show meet and greet with Lillian Axe and Jetboy.

To celebrate our return, the promoter of the show wanted to offer something extra special for some of the diehard fans. A VIP Experience after show meet and greet with Lillian Axe including a special after show hang with Lillian Axe, special autographed items, VIP table and bottle during the show and more.

For more info, pricing and to purchase this VIP experience please email: twistednailproductions@gmail.com for more info.

The after show VIP experience has a limited number of tickets available so reserve your spot now.

See ya soon Baltimore.



For behind the scenes pictures, footage and casting notices for 'Ghostly Callings with Steve Blaze' and other upcoming productions - like the AMG Entertainment Facebook page! AMG Website


Rob Hovey and I have been working on the mixes for the acoustic record, and it sounds great! We saw a first edit on The Great Divide for the DVD and Chris has knocked it out of the park. We are really trying to capture the magic of that night. Hopefully, we can get this done soon. 




Steve Blaze and Brian Jones talk music, history and the future with Amy and Rob "The Metal Master" McNees of RivetheadMagazine.com.



We had such a great time performing the live acoustic set in the studio for the upcoming DVD/CD set.  We would like to graciously thank all the contest winners and family that helped make this such a spectacular event for us.  Click here to read the Times-Picayune article about the evening.



Steve Blaze, guitarist, founder and songwriter for Louisiana Hall of Fame members Lillian Axe,  has just been granted the honor of becoming the President of the Louisiana Chapter of the WPI, World Paranormal Investigations. As an avid believer and seeker of truth, he is in the process of putting a team together to delve into the untapped area of paranormal locations throughout the state of Louisiana. 
CLICK HERE for more info!


Click here to read the Times-Picayune article about the Air Force Guitar.

How would you like to attend an INVITATION ONLY concert by Lillian Axe?

Click here to read the fourth installation of Steve's Tour Diary from the European tour!


Who's Ready for a Circle of Light show?!!

Check out this photo gallery from Turock Open Air in Esssen Germany!

Click here to read the third installation of Steve's Tour Diary from the European tour!

Click here to read the second installation of Steve's Tour Diary from the European tour!

Click here to read the first installation of Steve's Tour Diary from the European tour!

Click here to ListenIn and hear Steve talk about various subjects from questioning everything, to Near Life Experience, to specific Lillian songs, and everything in between.







...Guilford hopes the guitar - which will travel with Blaze and his band as they go on tour this summer - will create a buzz ahead of its eventual auction. All proceeds will go to the families of the NATC-A Nine.

The guitar, which is a model called the "Redeemer," will have decals of the Purple Heart and Silver Star on the front. The neck reads "U.S. Air Force" in mother-of-pearl inlay. The back is the same dark blue used in rank insignia and will have a backplate with the names of the NATC-A Nine.


Blaze will play the guitar only on the Lillian Axe song "Take a Bullet." The tune is dedicated to members of the military who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, according to the band's website...

read more>>



New tour dates have been posted.  Check the TOUR page to see if Lillian is coming to your area!  More dates to be posted.



Plenty of new Reviews and Interviews have been posted here.  Be sure to check out what people are saying about XI: The Days Before Tomorrow.  Also, be sure to read or listen to the interviews as Steve talks about the new album as well as Brian's inauguration into the band, the songwriting process, and just about anything covering the Lillian Axe history over the years.



The lyrics for XI: The Days Before Tomorrow have been posted.  Click Here to check them out.




New Orleans, LA; March 1, 2012

Louisiana Music Hall of Fame Members, Lillian Axe, love, support and appreciate the sacrifices our armed forces put themselves in every day of their lives to protect our freedom. As a token of their gratitude, Steve Blaze will be playing a specially custom made guitar from Guilford Guitars on their US tour during the song "Take The Bullet" and the guitar will be raffled off in a contest and all the money from the contest will go to the families of the fallen airmen who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country in Afghanistan. The idea was brought to Steve Blaze by huge Lillian Axe fan and beloved friend, Major Henry Cecil of the United States Air Force. Major Cecil says:

"The story behind the guitar is pretty cool. I was talking to Steve one day and he was telling me he had two new guitars on the way. I had been thinking about my idea for quite a while but I was not quite sure how to approach Steve with it. During our conversation I told Steve I had a crazy idea about a guitar and if he had a few minutes I would share it with him. I asked him what he thought about getting John Guilford to build a guitar to honor the fallen airmen that were killed in Afghanistan last year. I thought maybe he could tour with it, tell the story, honor their ultimate sacrifice and then raise money for the families by raffling it off after a set amount of time. Steve said absolutely and that he would play the guitar on "Take the Bullet", when they are out on tour. Steve talked to John about it and then I had the green light to talk to John. I sent John an email and we talked on the phone the next day. John has been amazing and enthusiastically has agreed to build the guitar. The guitar is a Steve Blaze redeemer model. The top of the guitar will be the Air Force’s latest camouflage pattern which is a digital tiger stripe. The back of the guitar will be a gloss dark blue which is the color of the thread used in the rank insignia and name tapes on the uniform. The names of the fallen that were lost on April 27, 2011 will be engraved on the back of one of the metal plates that cover the electronics along with a purple heart medal, the silver star medal, the Lillian Axe Logo and the Guilford Guitars scripted name. Another really nice touch will be the U.S. Air Force logo laid into the neck of the guitar. I cannot say thank you enough to everyone involved. This is all about honoring the fallen and helping out their families as much as we can."

So come out on tour and see Steve play this special guitar but most importantly honor the fallen airmen who gave their lives in the face of battle so we could be here today.

Be sure to check back for more details.

We salute you!

Brian, Steve, Sam, Eric and Ken



Lillian Axe will be playing Rocklahoma in Pryor, Oklahoma on Saturday, May 26, 2012.



The countdown has begun. As you may have heard, in 30 days a very special event is going to take place in New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday, February 4. All Lillian Axe fans are invited to our album release party at the Howlin Wolf Club at 907 South Peters Street, to celebrate the release of our new album, XI: The Days Before Tomorrow on CME Records. We are giving our fans a free show that night. That's right, free of charge as a thank you for supporting us and never letting us give up when the odds were against us. Come down and hear new music and classic Lillian Axe songs. We are performing a brand new full 2 hour show that is going to be recorded for a new live album coming out later this year and we are filming some footage for our new video for the song, Caged In. Be a part of the recorded history of Lillian Axe. Our new album will be available that night for you to buy before it hits the stores on February 14. Following our performance, we will be doing a special meet and greet for all the fans. We are going to hang out with our fans, take pictures, sign CDs or anything you like. Its been a long time coming and this night is going to be remembered forever. The best part is you do not need a ticket. It's free! Just show up ready to rock the night away. Please keep in mind once the Howlin Wolf reaches its capacity, for the safety of everyone, we will have to close the doors. That means get there early and do not miss out on a dream of a lifetime. The doors open at 9 PM. Jet Set Babylon hits the stage at 10 PM followed by Lillian Axe.
The response to our new album in Europe has been amazing. The fans there have been waiting a very long time for a brand new Lillian Axe album. Our label in Europe, AFM Records, has been busting their butts promoting the album and getting us radio airplay. Steve has been doing many interviews and the reviews of the album have been great so far. And that is just the beginning. If all goes as planned, we will be touring Europe at the end of March. The European version of the new album will contain a special bonus song called "Angels Among Us." Also a special limited edition is being made that will also contain a Lillian Axe T-shirt. The European release date will be January 27. The single being worked in Europe is called Babylon.
More great news. Our new album will be released in Japan on February 13 through Disk Union. Our fans in Japan have been begging for a new album and the wish is our command. Japan, here we come.
February 14, Valentine's Day is the release date for the USA and Canada on our new label CME Records. There are a few surprises on new album for you, the fans. Wait until you hear them. (hint hint wink wink)
The single, Lava On My Tongue, hits metal radio stations on January 16 and the single, Caged In, hits active rock radio on February 13. Call your local radio stations and demand to hear new Lillian Axe.
The band sounds great and Brian hit it out of the park. Brian's vocals are angelic yet they have a big set of balls to them. We know it has taken us a really long time to make this album. You, our fans will not be disappointed. We took our time to make an album that you would be proud of.



Steve Blaze has teamed up with Drummer Wade Rettig to present a heavy new instrumental called Science Friction. You can get a signed copy now by clicking HERE. Steve showcases his trademark soloing skills over the rock solid drumming of Wade.



Be sure to check out the MEDIA page for the new three part interview of Lillian Axe in the studio recording Lillian Axe XI: The Days Before Tomorrow



Check out the new book by author Billy Henrickle - "Return To Haddon House"


Narration and Score by Steve Blaze



Lillian Axe is more than halfway finished tracking their new album slated for release on Valentine's Day 2012. It is tentatively titled XI : The Days Before Tomorrow

Producing is guitarist, songwriter Steve Blaze, engineering is Rob Hovey, and mixing will be done by Sylvia Massey ( Tool, Johnny Cash, Deftones, System f of a Down, Prince, Black Crowes).

Some of the titles are " Bow Your Head", " "Gather Up the Snow", "Soul Disease", " The Great Divide", etc.

Recording is being done in Covington, La. at Sound Landing Studio.
Per Blaze, " This is an important album as it introduces Brian Jones on vocals. As I have been writing this record, there has been a feeling of creativity that is similar to that of when I wrote Psychoschizophrenia. The band has really done a great job so far. We can't wait to get back out on the road to support it."




Lillian Axe announces their new singer and new single.


New Orleans, LA – March 7, 2011

Louisiana Music Hall of Fame members, Lillian Axe are proud to announce Jackson, Mississippi, native Brian Jones, as their new lead vocalist. Steve Blaze, lead guitarist and band founder says “We have spent the last six months searching for and reviewing candidates to the point of driving us crazy.” Blaze continues, “Choosing your front man is the most vital task in a band’s existence, so we really took our time to make sure that the person we chose fit every category to the best of their abilities. Brian is a complete breath of fresh air. He is an amazing talent, as well as a fireball of enthusiasm, which has really sparked the attitudes of the rest of us.”

Jones, vocalist for the bands Guns of Addiction and Full Moon Circus, as well as guitarist for Wind-up Artist, Papercut Massacre, approached Blaze for the job in September. He states, "When I initially approached Steve about the possibility of becoming the new vocalist for Lillian Axe, I honestly didn't know what to think and had a plethora of thoughts running amuck in my head. Having been a lifelong fan of the band and looking to Steve as a mentor for so many years, coupled with the fact that I was being asked to

audition for one of my favorite bands, was a bit much to take in. I knew this was what I wanted to do and have been playing now for over 20 years, but I never would have imagined I'd be playing with Lillian Axe. The guys have been amazing and have taken me in quite nicely. I look forward to the many years to come and to the new music that we will be sharing with the fans.”

The Axe has commenced recording their eleventh album at Sound Landing Studios in Covington, Louisiana with the team of Steve Blaze as producer and Rob Hovey as engineer, due for a September 27, 2011; via Love and War Records /Mega Force Records / Sony Red Distribution. The first track, Take the Bullet, will be available for download on April 12. Says Blaze, Take the Bullet is a very special song for us. Several months ago, I received an email from Air Force Major Henry Cecil, who was stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. He expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the dedication to the troops on our last album, Deep Red Shadows. He proceeded to send me an American Flag that had traveled on several helicopter missions, official patches, coins, autographs from his squadron, and even a copy of Deep Red Shadows autographed by General David Petraeus himself. We were incredibly honored and humbled, and since then, I have become good friends with Major Cecil. Several weeks ago, he drove to Covington and spent two days in the studio with us as we recorded Take the Bullet. I wrote this song in dedication to our troops for their heroic sacrifice for our country and their display of true brotherhood.”

Air Force Major Henry Cecil says, “I’ve been following Lillian Axe since 1987 and after reading the last page of the new CD’s liner notes, I immediately sent Steve an email thanking him from a long-time fan and that I was having a flag flown over Afghanistan, accompanied by the CD. I mailed the flag to Steve on 9-11-10 and included patches from the squadrons that took the flag on their missions, as well as an ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) coin to tie everything together that is in the display case for the flag. During my deployment, I had the honor to work with General Petraeus’ security team and made friends with them. I asked if they could have the General sign the liner notes to say thanks to Steve and he did. Steve and I have become great friends from this and we talk on a regular basis now. He invited me to watch Lillian Axe record Take the Bullet, and I can honestly say I was speechless after watching it all come together and couldn’t believe I was actually getting to watch them in the studio. It was truly an honor I will never forget.”

The month of April will be a busy one for the band. Take the Bullet will be released for download on April 12, introducing the voice of Jones. Also, Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s new movie, The Hit List will feature 47 Ways to Die as the opening song to the movie. The band will play six dates in the South to support Deep Red Shadows and celebrate their ten-album history.

Blaze states, “It gets more and more difficult to put together a set-list as we keep creating more and more music; however, this tour will bring new songs and new production as we start this new chapter in the history of Lillian Axe.”


04/08 HOWLIN’ WOLF CLUB in New Orleans, LA

04/09 CLUB FIRE in Jackson, MS

04/15 RIVERSIDE WAREHOUSE in Shreveport, LA


04/22 CITY CLUB OF HOUMA in Houma, LA

04/23 RAXX in Erwinville (Baton Rouge) LA




12.15.10 - THE HIT LIST

The Hit List is a new movie to be released in March 2011 starring Cuba Gooding Jr featuring Lillian Axe's "47 Ways to Die".  Click Here for a link to the title sequence where the song is featured.  ENJOY!



11.17.10 - MOSH POTATOES

Out now is a new cookbook called Mosh Potatoes by Steve Seabury and published by Simon & Schuster featuring recipes from various metal artists including Lillian Axe’s own Steve Blaze. Other recipe contributors include members of bands like Megadeth, Overkill, Kittie, and an ass-load more. So cook out with your book out and pick up a copy today at Borders, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon!




Lillian Axe is happy to announce that their tenth album, Deep Red Shadows, is finished. The band has just finished listening the masters and a big thumbs up went around the studio. Deep Red Shadows was produced by Steve Blaze. mixed by Rob Hovey and mastered by Ty Tabor of King's X. The song "47 Ways To Die" was mixed by the famous and well respected record producer and engineer, Sylvia Massy. Sylvia Massy is best known for her work with the band Tool ("Undertow went 2x platinum and "Opiate" went platinum). She also has gold and platinum albums with Green Jelly, Powerman 5000 and The Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few. Sylvia Massy also has worked with Sevendust, Prince, Johnny Cash, Seven Mary Three and The Deftones. Ty Tabor of King's X is the special guest on the song, "The Quenching Of Human Life," adding an amazing guitar solo to the track.

Final Track Listing: (1) Under The Same Moon (2) 47 Ways To Die (3) The Quenching Of Human Life (4) A Minute Of Years (5) Nobody Knows (acoustic) (6) The Day I Met You (acoustic) (7) Sad Day On Planet Earth (acoustic) (8) Nocturnal Symphony (acoustic) (9) Deep Red Shadows (instrumental).

The first single off of Deep Red Shadows will be "47 Ways To Die" and the band is planning on filming a video for the song shortly and hitting the road to a city near you.

Please go to Amazon today and pre-order your copy of Deep Red Shadows today and help us make a huge impact the first week of release.

On a somber note: Lillian Axe, our manager and our crew want to send out our condolences to Bobby Brown, a long standing and loyal member of Lillian Axe's crew for many years on the passing of his mother, Claudia L. Brown. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Bobby. Sincerely Steve, Derrick, Eric, Sam, Ken, Charlie, John, Jeremy, Thad, Spike and Scott.



Lillian Axe has begun recording their tenth album for Love & War Records at Sound Landing Studios in Covington, LA.  Go to www.loveandwarrecords.com and check out the new CD artwork. Ash Sivils who created the artwork for SDOPE has now created her second CD cover for Lillian Axe's "Deep Red Shadows.".


New tour dates added to the tour page. Many more to come.



On May 16, 2010; Derrick LeFevre, Steve Blaze, Sam Poitevent, Eric Morris and Ken Koudelka will be inducted as the first hard rock band in the Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame. Lillian Axe will forever be remembered along side such greats as Fats Domino, Buddy Guy, Louis Armstrong, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Allen Toussaint to name a few


Lillian Axe will be headlining the "First Annual Louisiana Music Homecoming Concert" on May 16, 2010 at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, LA in celebration of their induction and they will close the show.


LILLIAN AXE HAS SIGNED A NEW RECORDING CONTRACT AND WILL RELEASE THEIR TENTH ALBUM ON JULY 20, 2010: Lillian Axe will be releasing their new album entitled, "Deep Red Shadows" on Love & War Records / MRI Associated through Sony Music Distribution (RED). Special guest appearing on their new album will be Ty Tabor of King's X.




Steve Blaze will be appearing at the Dallas Guitar Show, April 16-18 in Dallas, TX. Steve will be at the Guilford Guitars Booth unleashing his new guitar model "The Redeemer" and performing in an all-star jam with Ty Tabor of King's X, Damon Johnson of the Alice Cooper Band, Neal Schon of Journey, George Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob, Rick Derringer, Derek St.Holmes, Paul Reed Smith and many more guitar greats.

For more info: www.guitarshow.com



Guitarist, Steve Blaze, will be attending Revolver Magazine's Golden Gods Awards in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday, April 8.  Steve Blaze said, "it's an honor to be attending such a great celebration, bringing together the great musicians, singers and bands of the heavy metal community under one roof to salute the elite." Steve Blaze will be doing interviews and walking the red carpet and making some big announcements about Lillian Axe that day. Stay tuned........



Lillian Axe is happy to announce we have a new booking agent.


Please direct all inquiries to book Lillian Axe to:

Chuck Bernal

Artists Worldwide (www.artists-worldwide.com)

3921 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 619

Los Angeles, CA 90010

Phone: (213) 368-2112

Email:  artistsworldwide@aol.com



New tour date added to the TOUR page. More dates to be announced soon.





All inquiries for booking Lillian Axe should contact the band's personal manager via email at lillianaxemgt@aol.com.


Now booking dates for Lillian Axe's summer tour scheduled to begin in June.






Lillian Axe will be headlining a benefit show for the Hard Rock Hall of Fame on March 19th at Howlin' Wolf's in New Orleans, LA with special guest Randy Jackson of Zebra.  We would like all of our fans to come out and support this special event.  Following our performance, any fan who bought a ticket to this charity event will have the opportunity, to meet all the members of Lillian Axe.  Derrick, Steve, Sam, Eric and Ken will be signing autographs and taking photos. 


For more info go to www.hardrockhalloffame.com or to purchase tickets to this event go to www.thehowlinwolf.com .


We look forward to seeing ya'll there.


Lillian Axe - XI The Days Before Tomorrow
Order your copy TODAY
and receive a limited* autographed CD booklet with purchase!

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