The live album, "One Night In The Temple," is now available online and at shows.



09/13 Houston, TX
BFE Rock Club

09/14 San Leon, TX
18th St. Pier


08.19.14 - Messages from Steve and Eric
Hello everyone. Unfortunately in life there are moments where changes occur in people's lives that we all wish never occurred, but they do and we have to understand them and move on. I regret to inform everyone that Eric Morris is resigning from Lillian Axe. Below is his message to all of us. Eric is my brother first and a band mate second. He has been with me for many years and is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. His journey in life is taking a different turn, and it is not allowing him to devote the time and energy needed to remain in Lillian Axe. He has handled this decision with the utmost of consideration and class, even though this was no easy task for him or us. He will still be involved behind the scenes with the organization, and I am sure he will have a lot of input as we move forward. Eric will be present at the Tippitina's show Saturday night and will play a few songs with us, as we welcome new bassist Chris Brown from Jackson, Ms. to the family. Chris has been a longtime fan and is an amazing talent in his own right. It will be bittersweet, but the beauty is that we are all still working together to continue to offer our music to the world in hopes of brightening the lives of those who listen. Thanks to you, Eric, for being my close friend and a vital part in the past and future of Lillian Axe. Here's to you. See you all on Saturday.

Steve Blaze

To all of my friends, family and ultimately the fans of Lillian Axe,
It is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce my resignation as the bass player of Lillian Axe. I had such a great time and will always cherish the experiences I was able to be a part of from touring with Alice Cooper to actually getting on that plane to Europe and everything in between. I have met so many amazing people and have made some great new friendships over the years; I will always be proud to have met and talked with each and every one of you. It was your energy, cheers, and fists pumping in the night (and even sometimes in the day) that fueled me to put on the best show I could. This was a very difficult decision for me to come to. I’ve recently had some life changing events that have made me rethink some of my personal priorities and responsibilities over this last year. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to get my own house in order before I could continue to expand my musical aspirations and I felt it wouldn’t be fair to limit the growth and further success of Lillian Axe due to my restricted availability. Ken, Sam, Brian, Steve, Charlie, Alan, and everyone else who is or has been a part of this great organization knows I love them all and wish nothing but massive success. The professionalism and musicianship has been unparalleled and of course the friendship that we’ve developed over the years will never be broken. As much as I will miss sharing the stage with these guys, I will equally miss our time off the stage – bullshittin’ on the bus, shootin’ a game of pool with Sam (I’m horribly losing that tournament by the way), throwin’ back a few drinks, watchin’ Ken’s “antics” and wondering if he’ll “succeed”, listening to Steve and Brian go back and forth (you have to see it to really understand its entertainment value), and finally everyone just making this whole experience an enjoyable one. I’ve heard and personally witnessed the drama that goes on with other bands and I’m continuously grateful we’ve never had any real problems within our group. Although I will not be on stage anymore, I will continue to work with Lillian Axe in some capacity behind the scenes and will support them in all of their endeavors. If I’m around, I’m sure I’ll join them on stage for a tune or two. I also plan in some way to be active musically in and around the New Orleans area, although very limited for the moment. I will truly miss this experience, the stage, and of course the greatest, most loyal fans in the land! As saddened as I am, I know in my heart that this is something I have to do and is the right decision for me.

Cheers to you all,

Eric Morris

06.20.14 - Lillian Axe Summer Update 2014
Happy Summer to all of you Axe fans out there. Okay, so it has been a while since we've updated you so bare with me. Some great information here.As you know, our latest offering, One Night in the Temple, was released in the States on May 27, 2014. Guys, we can't thank you enough for all of your kind words and praise about this record. We have gotten so many great reviews from different media outlets and more. This album is a double disc containing 20 of your favorite Lillian Axe songs in a LIVE and Acoustic setting and accompanied with the package is a DVD or BluRay whichever you choose. It is a great record and we are very proud of it. If you have not picked up your copy yet, GO GET IT and play it loud. Stores like FYE, Amazon, Newbury Comics, iTunes and more all have this record so please grab copy today and let us know what you think.
Next up, Steve Blaze has a new guitar company and endorsement he is working with. These guitars are amazing. The company is called Strictly 7 and Steve worked hand in hand with these guys to bring you all a new Steve Blaze signature guitar model. These things are really awesome. Take a look at pics on our FB page and our Reverbnation pic in which you will see Steve playing his new orange model and there is another one on the way. You can visit these guys by going to
Strictly 7.

Steve's message regarding the new guitar: " Hello everyone. I have recently joined forces with a guitar company called Strictly 7 Guitars to build a new model simply known as the Steve Blaze model. I have just received the prototype and I can't put it down. I played the Duling Hall show in Jackson with it for the first time and it was amazing. You can see the orange version in the picture. This guitar is unique in its conception. It contains 26 frets and the neck is longer than the traditional neck by 1.3/4 inches! There are 2 versions, this orange model with the cross inlays and a purple model, in production now , which has the 23rd psalm written down the length of the neck. Wait until you see this one. I am happy to be involved with Jim Lewis and Strictly 7 guitars. I am still promoting my Guilford Blaze and Redeemer models as well, so now I have the different models. As I move forward with Strictly 7, I urge you all to check out their website! Take care my friends."
We are also so stoked to be working with the greatest rock and roll clothing company out there today, Rock-N-Roll GangStar Apparel Company. Darryl Boyd and his staff are out on the front lines at all the shows and festivals and are spreading the brand name like wildfire. We have gotten so many comments and compliments about their clothing line and we are so excited and humbled to have a partnership and venture with these guys. They are great guys and are true rockers like you and I, not some corporate company whose employees sit behind a desk. Please check out these guys on FB and on their website TODAY. Great pricing and even cooler clothing. You will be seeing us wear it everywhere and proudly. Thanks to Rock-N-Roll GangStar Apparel Clothing for believing in us to help carry the flag and spread the name. We hope you will check them out by visiting
Rock-N-Roll GangStar Apparel.

Lastly, Steve sent this out a couple of weeks ago and we are asking you guys to help us out with this and to help us not waiver. If we all do these very simple things even once or twice a week, Lillian Axe will be on top where we deserve to be. I have included his memo below. Please feel free to share this update with others and we WILL be seeing you on the road this year guys and gls. As always, we love you guys and it is an honor to have the best fans and friends in the world.
Here is Steve's memo :
Hello everyone! Thanks so much for helping us with the release of "One Night in the Temple"! It's off to a great start. I am always being asked, "What can we do to help?" I have a plan for all of our friends and fans worldwide to help us bring our music to the world and allow us to keep making music for many years.
1. Spread the word. Tell everyone you know about Lillian Axe.Play our music for them.
2. Call every radio station at least once every few days. Even if they don't play us, request it.
3. Email online radio stations with requests. There are tons of them. THE MOST IMPORTANT is Hair Nation and Ozzy's boneyard. Email them constantly. Play more Axe, not just Show a Little Love.
4. Email and call Eddie Trunk. He's a great guy but he listens to the people.
5. On every board, esp. Amazon and ITunes, post your comments! Be heard!
6. Post on all forms of social media available.
7. Call clubs and venues and tell them to get us in town!
8. Call record stores, the few left that is, and support them as well.

If all of our friends and fans do this, it will grow like a tidal wave. It will snowball.This will help us. The end result is Lillian Axe will be able to continue to put out music and tour and bring happiness to our entire Axe family worldwide. We need your help. I give you my word.
Please check the Lillian Axe Facebook page for more info. Many interviews and reviews have been posted. Tour dates to be posted soon as well.
Steve, Brian, Ken, Sam and Eric


04.08.14 - Lillian Axe premiers "ONE NIGHT IN THE TEMPLE" in its entirety at the Paragon Casino April 26th, 2014!
To help celebrate the release of Lillian Axe's new double live acoustic CD/DVD/BLUERAY entitled "One Night in the Temple, " the Paragon Casino is premiering the entire movie as a FREE one night special showing. This unprecedented event will take place Saturday, April 26th at 11 p.m. on all 3 of the Paragon's state of the art movie screens simultaneously. As seating is limited, tickets will be allocated by reservation only through Lillian Axe's website and Facebook pages, the Paragon Casino, and local radio giveaways. The members of Lillian Axe will be attending to sign autographs and be a part of this special night.

This event will be invitation only and rsvp will be a necessity. We will draw 160 names to attend this very special event. To enter the drawing you must send an email to lillianaxemgt@yahoo.com. You may reserve up to 4 seats. Send your name, phone number and number of seats to be reserved. The names will be drawn the week prior to the event. You will be contacted to make sure you will attend or not. Get your names in as quickly as possible. One entry per person please. See you there!



04.07.14 - Pre-Order "ONE NIGHT IN THE TEMPLE" Today!!!!

Get an autographed CD booklet when you pre-order the new Lillian Axe "One Night in the Temple" from Newbury Comics TODAY!!!!


12.11.13 - Lillian Axe releases the "CONVERGENCE" Box Set!!!!

Lillian Axe and CME Records is proud to announce the release of a limited edition Lillian Axe Box Set entitled "Convergence." This box set will contain all of Lillian Axe's releases from their debut "Lillian Axe" up to the 2012 release "The Days Before Tomorrow along with a bonus CD containing unreleased Lillian Axe material never before released.

The box set will contain the following:
CD 1) Lillian Axe
CD 2) Love And War
CD 3) Out Of The Darkness Into The Light
CD 4) Poetic Justice
CD 5) Psychoschizophrenia
CD 6) Fields of Yesterday + 2 bonus tracks (Japanese release)
CD 7) Live 2002 (disc 1)
CD Live 2002 (disc 2)
CD 9) Waters Rising
CD 10) Sad Day On Planet Earth
CD 11) Deep Red Shadows
CD 12) The Days Before Tomorrow

Bonus CD with unreleased songs:
The Live And War EP (previously a digital only release)
1-All's Fair In Love And War (Live 2012)
2-Ghost Of Winter (Live 2012)
3-Show A Little Love (Live 2012)
4-Angels Among Us (Import only bonus track from The Days Before
(Different versions that made the final album)
5-She Likes It On Top
7-All's Fair In Love And War
8-Down On You
9-Fool's Paradise
10-The Last Good Bye (previously unreleased)
11-Perfect Blue (previously unreleased)
12-The World Stopped Turning

Also in the box set you will receive a replica Psychoschizophrenia 1993 tour pass, 2 Steve Blaze custom guitar picks and a booklet with liner notes by Steve Blaze. ALL BOXES WILL BE HAND NUMBERED AND AUTOGRAPHED BY STEVE BLAZE. Due to the great response from fans we will be pressing 250 box sets instead of 100.

Box Sets will ship in early 2014.


USA $99+$6 shipping
Outside the USA $99+$15 shipping


7.23.13 - Lillian Axe performs "Deepfreeze" live at the Paragon Casino 4th of July Show.



7.19.13 - Steve demonstrates the new Peavey Vypyr VIP!



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