The Forgotten Art of Melancholy

I just finished the bonus track for the upcoming “The Forgotten Art of Melancholy” album which will be The best of the epic ballads. We will be recording it in Jackson at Malaco Studio in June. It’s been told to me that sounds a bit Beatlesque with a touch of Queen. I hope everyone loves […]


State of the Axe

On December 11th, Lillian Axe will play The Hideaway in Jackson, Ms. This is a great venue. Lillian does the Monsters of Rock Cruise in February in the Bahamas. I just booked a festival for Lillian on March 19th, headlining the same venue where Rock N Skull took place by the same great promoter. There […]


State of the Axe

The Rock N Skull festival was great. We slayed the crowd. We met lots of fantastic fans and friends. Met some great people who flew from the UK to see us. Spent some good time with Stevie Rachelle, Billy Morris and Todd Chaisson from Tuff. Met Steve Brown from Trixter who was a very nice […]

One Night in the Temple

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