The Rock N Skull festival was great. We slayed the crowd. We met lots of fantastic fans and friends. Met some great people who flew from the UK to see us. Spent some good time with Stevie Rachelle, Billy Morris and Todd Chaisson from Tuff. Met Steve Brown from Trixter who was a very nice guy. It was cool to meet other musicians with whom who we have crossed musical paths over the last 30 years but never met. We were asked to play again next year as well, so hopefully we will.

We just solidified a December 11th show in Jackson MS at the Hideaway with Splendid Chaos, our good friends, as possible openers.

Working on writing the next album and scouting some new studios to record in. Thanks to all of you for the support.
Ways to help: Call radio. Call Eddie Trunk. Email him. Spread the word. Tell your friends.

I know you all have heard this but Through the Veil is almost finished with the first episode. It is being edited by the newest member of the team, Todd Schmidt. I tell you there was a ton of evidence. I will keep you all posted. Have a great Halloween! What a great time of year.

Much love.